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 Bluebirds 1 ($5.00 )
by Themestress Desktop Enhancements  
   Animated screen saver featuring birdhouse and bluebirds.

 Border Collies Screen Saver 1.1 (Free)
by Amaraq Designs 
   Border Collies screen saver features an image slideshow of over 20 pictures of these adorable dogs!

 Box Clock Screensaver 1.0 (Free)
   Do you remember square mechanical clock with arabic numerals? Now you can enjoy this clock on your desktop with our new clock screensaver. It is designed in blue and grey colors and will really save your screen.

 Brown Bear Screensaver 1.0 (Free)
by RateMyScreensaver 
   The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is a species of bear distributed throughout the Northern hemisphere. Brown Bear is a free animal screensaver created by

 Buffalo Trail 1 ($5.00 )
by Themestress Desktop Enhancements  
   Wildlife slide show screen saver featuring American bison.

 Butterflies of Thailand Screensaver 1.0.1 (Free)
   A screensaver showing some of the most beautiful examples of Thailand's butterflies. 9 photographs of Thai butterflies.

 Butterflies Ponds Screensaver 1.0 (Free)
   Enjoy a lovely summer ponds with beautiful animated butterflies, fluttering above them. Funny green inhabitants of ponds and reservoirs are also presented in the scenes of this wonderful screensaver. Download and install free butterflies screensaver!

 Butterflies Screensaver 1.2 ($15.95)
by Altix Soft 
   This screensaver shows beautifuls and colorfuls images of Butterflies and Moths. These a tiny creationes simply splendid. The screen saver contains 40 pictures.

 Butterflies World Screensaver 1.0 (Free)
   You can see these wonderful creations in dense thickets of fragrant lilies in Butterflies World screensaver. Flowers and greenery animated in this screensaver and butterflies like living transplanted from flower to flower. Charming saver!

 Butterfly Morning 1 ($5.00 )
by Themestress Desktop Enhancements  
   Animated animal screen saver featuring colorful butterflies.

 Call of the Wild 1 ($5.00 )
by Themestress Desktop Enhancements  
   Animated snow screen saver featuring a winter scene with wolves.

 Camomiles Screensaver 1.0 (Free)
   We present new video quality screensaver with sounds. Imagine summer and colorful camomiles fields on your screen. New technology that was used while creating this product is very impressive. You will regret if you miss this screensaver!

 Cani Amici Screensaver 1 (Free)
by Accessori per Cani 
   The pets on this screensaver are friends of Zei Cinofilia

 Canyons Screensaver 1.0 (Free)
   This is nature screensaver. You'll see water in the canyon, waves and realistic skybox with clouds. Another feature of this screensaver is sound effects. Download free Canyons Screensaver!

 Caribbean Nights 1.0 ($9.95)
by ScreenSaver Jungle 
   Fully animated beach scene. Birds fly by as a sailboat slowly drfits by in the distance. Dolphins jump in the clear blue water as a cardinal sits gracefully on a lush palm tree. The sounds of exotic birds chirpping fill the air as calming music plays

 Cats Screen Saver 1.00 (Free)
by Free Fun Screen Savers 
   Free Cats Screen Saver - Screen saver with hundreds of pictures of Cats.

 Chilling Out 1.0 ($5.00 )
by LadyDove's Elite Screensavers  
   A scene of a polar bear chilling out in the snow. The snow falls on your screen. Music plays in the background but can be shut off. This is a really cool screensaver. A very nice way to decorate your desktop. You will want to tell your friends.

 Colibri Screensaver 1.0 (Free)
   Enjoy colibri flight in our new nature screensaver. We tried to make as realistic animation as possible. Do you want to know what birds are also present in the screensaver? Just download free colibri screensaver!

 Collies Screen Saver 1.1 (Free)
by Amaraq Designs 
   Collies screen saver features an image slideshow of over 20 pictures of this beautiful dog!

 Colorful Tropical Fish Screen Saver 1.1 (Free)
by Amaraq Designs 
   Colorful Tropical Fish Screen Saver features an image slideshow of over 20 various beautiful tropical fish.

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