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    The main goal of Necromancers Software Collection is to gather on one site software, concerning magic, sorcery, astrology and mind control. Nevertheless, our collection contains also all other common software categories. All types of software are allowed. This site is based on XML PAD technology, which allows to submit keep software listings up to date automaticaly. Once being submitted, the program information will be from time to time updated by site robot. It is not necessary to resubmit programs on every new version. Because of it the software at Necromancers Software Collection is always up to date. Now 56191 programs are listed.

Featured Software:

 Digital Photo Cut 1.0 ($8)
by Media Programming Group 
   This utility will help you cut your photo images made by a digital photocam. The proportions of digital photos does not match the proportions of standard photo paper. This program will make optimal crop operation on your images in a single click.

 3DMiracle 1.74 ($24.50)
by Media Programming Group 
   Program for creating Single Image stereograms with 3d animation support. 3 rendering algorithms, including hidden surface removal and distortions compensation. Removing 3D object slices. 24 bits color images up to 10000x10000 pixels.

 3DMonster 1.55 ($19.50)
by Media Programming Group 
   Program for creating depth masks for Single Image Stereograms with 3d animation support. Import from 3DS format. No picture size limitations in registered version. Installation includes a set of sample 3DS models. DirectX5 based.

 E-Time 1.01 (Free)
by Media Programming Group 
   E-Time by Media Programming Group company is program for automated system clock correction by means of Internet. Your system time will be regullary collating with atomic clock, and your computer clock will always be precise.

Recent Submissions:

 Apex Change PDF from A4 to A5 ($19.90)
by Change PDF from A4 to A5 
   New Submission April 15, 2014. Change PDF from A4 to A5 tool allow to resize, modify & change your PDF files page sizes as per your requirement through predefined paper sizes or custom page sizes. Application support several page size setting like paper size, page orientation etc

 Apex PDF Page Remover ($29.90)
by PDF Page Remover 
   New Submission April 9, 2014. PDF page remover support most of all solution related with PDF file. Tool allows splitting, merging, deleting, extracting, combining, comparing, joining, dividing, cutting, breaking, removing, adding, appending, concatenate, resizing, bookmarking etc

 Apex Protect PDF from Printing ($24.90)
by Protect PDF from Printing 
   New Submission April 8, 2014. Protect PDF from printing protect restrict your PDF file with protection then no one can access files as form filling, content editing, modifying PDFs and page extraction. Application can make PDF with protection using user & owner restrictions both.

 Combining Several PDFs into One File ($29.90)
by Combining Several PDFs into One File 
   New Submission April 3, 2014. Combining several PDFs into one file software has support batch process to splitting merging PDF file into single or multiple Adobe PDF document. Adobe blank page remover software delete remove unwanted pages from PDF file and create a new PDF file.

 Apex Combining Two PDF Files into One ($14.90)
by Combining Two PDF Files into One 
   New Submission April 3, 2014. Combining two PDF files into one software has function to split, merge, add, join, delete, break, divide, remove, extract, append Adobe document. Adobe software support batch process to split merge file in a single event that save your precious time.

 Apex PDF Split & Merge ($14.90)
by PDF Split & Merge 
   New Submission April 1, 2014. PDF split & merge extract pages from Acrobat documents to forming individual PDF Acrobat file. Browse domain and get tool. Software split PDF files as per odd even page number and combine multiple PDF documents into single PDF.

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