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    Necromancers Software Collection is Web project by Media Programming Group Ltd, Our main direction is a professional software development for Windows and cross-platform. Media Programming Group provides also cost-effective Web, multimedia and R&D services.

  • Web design, developing of dynamic Web sites, Web-Shops and Content Management Systems;
  • Web hosting, management and technical support of web projects;
  • Custom software development, see more at Mediapg.Ru;
  • Multimedia Projects development.

This is in short about what we have developed since 1999 for our customers:

Spot Plus © Russian Research Ltd
DART © Russian Research Ltd.
Video Link Manager and Video Link Manager Distributing System © Russian Research Ltd.
XML Editor © BroadLogic Network Technologies Inc.

We have also a number of shareware and freeware programs, the most well known are listed below:

3DMiracle and 3DMonster - software for creation stereograms;
E-Time - system clock corrector;
DLL Sweeper - system cleaning software;
and many others.

We deweloped also a number of Web projects: - official site of Media Programming Group Ltd; - official site for russian-speaking customers; - site of our multimedia departament (in Russian); - site dedicated to stereographic software; - Necromancers Software Collection (this site);
and many others. You may also look at the full list of our Web projects for our customers at

Contact us:

Address: Kazakova St., 13, 2nd floor, room 29
103064, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (095) 518-8203, +7 (095) 107-9068

We communicate in English.

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