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 Photo Slideshow Screensaver 2.2 ($19.95)
   Photo Slideshow Screensaver displays your photos in a slideshow mode. Simply point to the location of the photos folder and enjoy the slideshow. This screensaver support various display effects: Radar, Mosaic, Fade and more.

 PictureRiver 1.5.1 ($19.95)
by Whimsoft 
   PictureRiver is a spectacular slideshow screensaver with over 40 stunning special effects. With this screensaver, even inexperienced users can turn digital photos into memorable slideshow screensaver that will become an object of envy to others.

 Pirates Galleon 1.0 (Free)
   The depths of the Caribbean Sea are fraught with a lot of unsolved mysteries. Take a fascinating underwater journey to the mysterious depths of the Caribbean Sea. Install our new pirates screensaver on your computer absolutely free!

 Pirates Treasures 1.0 (Free)
   Pirates Treasures screensaver will transform your desktop into a wonderful underwater world. Make an exciting journey through underwater world of Caribbean Sea, not leaving your PC. Download free pirates screensaver!

 Playful Siberian Huskies Screen Saver 1.1 (Free)
by Amaraq Designs 
   Playful Siberian Huskies Screen Saver features a slide show of over 25 images of this adorable sled dog!

 Polar Bear Polka 1 ($5.00 )
by Themestress Desktop Enhancements  
   Wildlife slide show screen saver featuring polar bears.

 Polar Bear Screensaver 1.0 (Free)
by RateMyScreensaver 
   The polar bear (Ursus maritimus), a bear native to the Arctic, is the apex predator within its range. Its thick blubber and fur insulate it against the cold. Polar Bear is a free screensaver created by

 Precious Pet 1 ($5.00 )
by Themestress Desktop Enhancements  
   Animated animal screen saver featuring cats and kittens.

 Precious Puppies Screensaver 1.0 ($9.99)
   Precious Puppies Screensaver features over 20 gorgeous, high resolution images of the cutest puppies out there. Many breeds are represented, including chihuahua, jack russel, bulldog, yorkie, golden retreiver, lab, schnauzer and sheepdog.

 Puffer Fish Screensaver 1.2 (Free)
by RateMyScreensaver 
   The free screensaver, Puffer Fish, was created by and contains 17 high resolution images of Puffer Fish. The scientific name, Tetraodontidae, refers to the four large teeth, which are used for crushing the shells.

 Red Sea Napoleon Fish Screensaver 1.0.0 ($9.95)
by digiaquascr 
   Red Sea Napoleon Fish Screensaver shows playful and curious napoleon fish in the red sea with the sea water sound and coral reef background.

 Redhead Cichlid Aquarium Screensaver 1.0.0 ($9.95)
by digiaquascr 
   Redhead Cichlid Aquarium Screensaver features a beautiful large 3D aquarium.

 Salmon Fish 3D Screensaver 1.0.0 ($9.95)
by digiaquascr 
   Salmon Fish 3D Screensaver shows salmon fish and many small fish swing in the sea with sound of sea and bubbles.

 SaversPlanet Cascade Screensaver 3.0 (Free)
   Realistic nature, green trees, beautiful waterfalls, sounds... And much more effects on your screen provided with Cascade Screensaver. Download free Cascade Screensaver and enjoy it!

 SaversPlanet Forest Screensaver 2.0 (Free)
   You can see summer forest in this screensaver. The weather is raining and sun is hiding behind clouds. Nice graphics and background. Enjoy splendid scenery for free!

 SaversPlanet Mountains Screensaver 1.2 (Free)
   Enjoy quality images of mountains and rocks. The scenery is very splendid and impressive... Snow peaks, green fields, grey rocks. Download this free mountains screensaver!

 SaversPlanet Peaks Screensaver 4.2 (Free)
   High mountains with the peaks in clouds, with snow-covered tops always cause inexplicable feeling of delight and pleasure. But they help to catch philosophical mood, give calm and strong sensation of freedom.

 SaversPlanet Rocks Screensaver 1.4 (Free)
   Great sights have always impressed people. In this free screensaver you will see rocks located in different parts of the world: from the west to the east, from south to north. Download and enjoy rocks screensaver!

 SaversPlanet Snowfall Screensaver 2.6 (Free)
   Come in from the cold but still enjoy the scenery! A beautiful snow scene with falling snow on your screen, blue sky, trees covered with snow. If you like nature you will love this screensaver!

 SaversPlanet Waterfalls Screensaver 1.2 (Free)
   Another nature screensaver, bringing a real waterfall in the screen. Turn your monitor into a waterfall by using this screensaver. The splendid waterfalls mesmerize your eyes and calm your spirit giving you joy and relaxation...

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