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 Subliminal Messages for self-hypnosys 2.1 ($19.90)
by Subliminal Messages 
   Subliminal Messages Flash is a small utility that installs on your PC and works quietly in the background. Using a patented subliminal delivery system, Subliminal Messages Flash flashes safe and unobtrusive messages.

 Subliminal Power 5.0 ($29)
by Subliminal Power 
   Subliminal power, subliminal message, subliminal messages via subliminal software

 Super Replace/Find/Extract/Rename 7.0 ($29)
by newcoding 
   This software can help you to replace/find/extract strings in your files,or rename these files.You can use regular expression,and very long or mutil-line expression;You can hilight or extract finded strings...

 Supply Distribution Barcodes Generator ($38)
by Supply distribution barcodes generator 
   Best supply distribution barcodes generator software is completely advanced and customized tool which offers infallible solution for industry barcode labeling and printing needs by creating various form packaging and parcels labels in less time.

 Tachyon Creator 1.0 (Free)
by Ole Gabrielsen 
   The world's first commercial Tachyon tool producer! Create your own healing tools, which can be laid on the body, for charging water, to neutralize EMF etc. When Tacyon is close to disharmony, it creates balance. Very easy to use.

 TextBoard 3.10 ($10)
by Michal Voznesenskiy 
   TextBoard - powerful clipboard manager, simple text editor and a set of additional utilities - from conversion into a different code page to calculation of mathematical formulas and spelling checks.

 TIFF Image to Pdf Converter FREE 1.2 (Free)
by Images to Pdf Converter 
   Axommsoft Image to pdf converter software is windows based GIVEAWAY (FREE) program, converts all your graphics files into pdf documents, supports multipage tiff files, jpeg, png, bmp, gif, emf, wmf, tga, psd, pcx, ico to pdf file.

 Tipard iPod to PC Transfer 6.1.18 ($19.00)
by Tipard Studio 
   Tipard iPod to PC Transfer can easily tranasfer music/movie/pictures/Voice memos/Camera shot from iPod to PC. And after upgraded, it supports the newest iPhone 5, iOS 6, iPod Touch 5, iPad mini, iPad 4 and iPod Nano 7 now.

 Trail Blazer 1.3 ($14.90)
by INDevelopment 
   Program Trail Blazer was designed for batch image protection and printing additional information. Image protection is in stamping your images. You can stamp unique logo or copyright information onto your images to protect them from plagiary.

 Undelete USB Drive Data ($45)
by Undelete Data 
   Easy to dwnload Undelete USB Drive Data application from that helps to provide facilities for recovering lost and missing snapshots from crashed pen drive.

 Unerase Deleted Pictures ($69)
by Computer data recovery 
   Digital photo recovery software restores pictures, images, snaps files and folders which have corrupted due to human mistakes, logical error, power failure etc. Utility provides interactive GUI and supports all windows operating system.

 USB Media Recovery Software ($45)
by Drive recovery software 
   Revival software from provides recovery solution to regain corrupted file and folder from USB media drive. USB Media Recovery Software is helpful to recover lost data.

 VIBio 1.0 ($19)
by Valeri Vlassov 
   Biorythms with diagramms and comments. - classical biorythms: physical, emotional, intellectual; - modern biorythms: intuitial, aesthetic, spiritual; - comments for today; - possibility to show and compare a lot of biorythms together;

 Video Repair Software ($69)
by Video Repair Software 
   Video Repair Software has extremely and powerful strong repair engine, which easily repair all the corrupted/damaged video files with a single scan and less time. It has built-in algorithms, which are useful for repairing all video file types.

 Visiting Card Design ($38)
by Visiting card design 
   Remarkable tool amazingly produced attractive and good looking visiting card used for various business needs and requirements. Advance application is easy to use and even you don??™t require any prior technical training to operate this utility.

 Warehouse Industry Barcodes Generator ($45)
by Warehouse industry barcodes generator 
   Innovative warehousing barcode generator software creates barcode tags and stickers for labeling items of warehouse for fast processing. Easy to use industrial barcode label creator software makes colorful barcode designs for tagging inventory goods.

 Web Site Monitor Software ($69)
by Undelete Files 
   Web server monitoring software has the ability to monitor your websites, hosting server or IP address by using POP3, HTTP, HTTPS or SMTP internet protocols. Website tracker utility enables you to monitor uptime, downtime performance and ping status.

 WebGrid eShop ASP.Net E-Commerce Solutio 1.0 ($89)
by Olav Botterli Konsulenttjenester 
   WebGrid eShop Out-of-the-box capabilities like secure online store administration and Rich Text (HTML) content management help you significantly reduce operating costs.

 Website Performance Checker Tool ($69)
by Deleted Files Recovery 
   Website monitoring utility designed for analyzing network IP or website domain name and ring alarm tone, alert with emails or runs specific program when your website is down or not responding due to any error including connection failed.

 Windows Deleted File Recovery ($99)
by Windows Deleted File Recovery 
   Windows Deleted File Recovery tool is used to retrieve or restore deleted and corrupted data from Windows PC. It is a reliable tool to retrieve even permanently lost data on your devices. It can retrieve all your photos, audios, documents and videos.

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