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 BioWIN 5.11 ($10)
by GWave Solutions 
   Biorhythm charting software. Features: Primary, Secondary and I Ching cycles, biocompatibility, profiles database, best match search, good/bad day search, clean and intuitive interface

 Birthday Card Templates ($29)
by Birthday card templates 
   If user wants to design card for the birthday purpose user can instantly design birthday cards in different shapes and colors according to own style. Birthday card templates software is easy to use software no need to any type of technical guideline.

 Birthday Card to Print Out ($29)
by Birthday card to print out 
   Birthday Card Tool has various proficient features and options to produce really stunning or pleasant birthday greeting cards. Excellent application is easy to use and even you don??™t require any prior technical training to operate this smart program.

 Birthday Print Out Cards ($29)
by Birthday print out cards 
   If you want to create magnificent birthday cards in your own style, now you have the option to generate most stunning and eye catching birthday cards in few countable easy steps. Now you can devise most stunning printable birthday cards in less time.

 BitCrypt Free 2.1 (Free)
by Moshe Szweizer 
   BitCrypt Free is a sophisticated tool allowing for encryption of plain text within bitmap image. What it does is to modify the individual pixel shadings of the image, and in this way to incorporate the information related to the text being encrypted.

 Black Magic Spellbook 3.5 (Free)
by Arnolds Concepts 
   The left handed path in Magic! Inside this program you will NOT find any White Magic or fluffy Wishing Spells... Only the DARKER Stuff like Curses, Hexes, Revenge Spells, Death Spells, Spells to cause Pain And Disease AND MORE!

 Blitz Document 3.2.3 ($30)
by BlitzSoft 
   Blitz Document was developed to speed the creation of contracts, agreements, form letters and other documents using easily created scripts.

 Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate 1.0 ($65.00)
by brorsoft 
   Make Full Disc Copy of BD/DVD and convert Blu-ray discs, DVD discs, DVD IFO, DVD ISO files, MKV, MTS, Tivo videos to MP4, AVI, WMV for playback on iPad 2, Apple TV, WD TV, Galaxy Tab, Nook Color, Playbook, etc.

 Bom-timer 1.5 ($19)
by Bombina Soft 
   Bom-timer is quick timer. You may wind the timer with one motion. Only one click! Loud bell (the hippopotamus much tries)...

 Breakthrough Reloaded 1 ($5.95)
by Crenetic GmbH Net Entertainment 
   Remove all of the bricks by striking them with balls. There are 12 different levels of play. After completing all levels you start from the beginning, but with increased speed. Two kinds of bricks and 19 specials bring a lot of fun!

 Broadc@st 4.5 ($249)
by MailWorkZ 
   Bulk Email Software - The only software with Templates and Online Tracking - Create, manage, send and track all of your email marketing and bulk email marketing messages. 10 actual day trial

 Bulk Messaging Android ($45)
by Free text message online 
   How to send multiple messages from computer system? Download Bulk Messaging Android from provides facility of send sms from computer without internet connection.

 Bulk SMS Sender Software ($45)
by Bulk SMS software 
   PC to mobile bulk SMS software instantly sends unlimited size messages from your computer system to number of mobile phones using pocket PC. Application allows you to broadcast mass message to any mobile phone without requiring internet connection.

 Bulk SMS Windows Mobile ($45)
by Bulk sms group 
   Easy to use text messaging application is created to deliver friendship sms to all your friends??™ cell phones from laptop or PC at free of cost. Bulk SMS Windows Mobile utility is used to send sports and entertainment news to all people at same time.

 Business Account Software 9.1.105 ($210)
by Data Recovery Forums 
   Application software forecast all expense and revenue of financial business account. Monthly and yearly planning reports can be generated an overview of the system as a whole.

 Business Accounting Tool ($45)
by Digital camera data recovery 
   Billing and inventory management software manage all accounting records of company including income, expenses, tax information, debit/credit reports. Business accounting tool creates profit/loss report, trial balance to evaluate business transaction.

 Business Card Designer Software ($45)
by Partition recovery 
   Comprehensive card making application allowed user to create and prints highly professional looking and sophisticated customized labels, stickers, tags, ribbons, standard visiting cards, greeting cards, letterheads and many more in few easy steps.

 Business ID Card Software ($38)
by Business barcode 
   Get innovative and advance Business ID Card Software from website to create various membership and security cards for commercial use.

 Business Utilities ($45)
by Business utilities 
   Business Utilities accounting tool generates all financial records to save time and labor immerged in making records manually by employees. Accounts making software check and correct entries and updated information by human in database of company.

 Cactus Emulator 2.0 (Free)
by Icon Empire 
   Cactus Emulator is a fancy utility. It simulates the cactus properties. These miraculous plants can protect you from electromagnetic radiation, stabilize your sexuality, regenerate the earth power, help you to get more energy.

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