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QuicknEasyImage is the quick and easy way to add an image (including photographs) to a web page. Upload images using a simple web form and the full HTML tag is created for you automatically including: image size; padding, borders; and alignment. Copy and paste the result into the HTML of your webpage. The perfect image utility script for weblogers, HTML novices, website managers or ISPs providing useful utilities. Uploaded images can be resized; the resulting image retains its original proportions. Upload a thumbnail and image to link to using one form. Install on any platform that supports PHP (4.1.0), including: Linux, Unix, Unix variants, Mac OS X, Windows 2000 and NT. It works for any user with a web browser and an Internet connection. Benefits * It's easy, just fill in a simple web form - perfect for non-technical users. * The image is automatically uploaded and the full image tag is constructed for you; copy and paste the tag into your page. * Saves time for all users. * Speeds up the layout of web pages; automatically adds height and width attributes to images. * Click a radio button to align the image to the left, right, or none. * Click a checkbox for horizontal and vertical padding. * Click a checkbox to add a single pixel border. * Resizes uploaded images (retains image proportions). * Implemented using valid HTML 4.01 and CSS. * Upload a thumbnail and an image to link to; the HTML is created automatically. * Summary information about how to prepare photos for the web is provided. * Image tags are Section 508 and Bobby compliant (AA approved). Now there is no need to worry about making your images Bobby compliant, as 'description' adds the alt attribute and is a compulsory field. * Contains links to useful HTML and tutorials. * There is no need to know HTML to add a photograph to a web page. * The appearance of QuicknEasyImage pages can be changed easily to look like the rest of your site.

Version:  1.8
Release Date:  11/30/-1
Size:  19  KB
Platform:  Linux,Unix,Windows2000,NT

Program type:  Shareware
Cost: $10
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Requirements:  PHP

Developer: ScotConnect
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