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Eyes Damaged by Computer Blue Light and Radiation Nowadays, it seems like nothing could be accomplished without a computer. If you are a computer user, computer radiation may be your largest single source of electromagnetic radiation. Because of the duration of this exposure (many hours every day), you may suffer a lot from computer radiation and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Symptoms of CVS include: Headaches, Loss of focus, Burning eyes, Tired eyes, Double vision, Eye twitching, Blurred vision, Neck and shoulder pain... Why Choose e-Healthmate Computer Eyewear for Women e-Healthmate Computer Eyewear for Women with Metal Frame not only protect your eyes from computer radiation, but also a professional bluelight protection computer eyewear.

Version:  1.0
Release Date:  06/05/2012
Size:  503  KB
Platform:  Win2000,Win98,WinOther,WinXP,Other

Program type:  Freeware
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