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The "Animated Spelling CD" has over 700 words (with sound) and nearly 70 animations (over 120 Meg!). The program has two games - a matching game where the child can hear the word and then match it to a word on the screen, and a spelling game where the student hears the word, then spells it. Help is given as needed to help the child spell the word correctly. As each word is completed a piece is added to a picture, after ten correct words the picture becomes animated. Two groups of words are available - beginning (box, boy, bump, bug, etc.) and advanced (because, become, behave, behind, etc.) so the program can be used by a range of age groups. It includes high frequency book words.

Version:  1.0
Release Date:  11/30/-1
Size:  3363  KB
Platform:  Win95,Win98,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000

Program type:  Shareware
Cost: $20.00
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Developer: Flix Productions
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