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AutoMail is an application that allows your computer to read the messages from your various POP3 accounts and respond to the senders with a message that you set in advance. As it responds, it builds a list of the messages that are currently available in your POP3 accounts without actually downloading the emails from your server. That leaves you free to then later retrieve the messages at your leisure with your regular email client - AutoMail will not interfere with how you normally check your email! You can also use AutoMail to protect your system from virii, screen messages, and organize your accounts. If you're a business person without the luxury of owning your own email server, or perhaps just someone who wants to let senders know you'll get to their emails as soon as you can so as not to leave them wondering whether someone will read their letters, then AutoMail is an excellent choice of inexpensive software that you can put to good use!

Version:  1.00
Release Date:  11/30/-1
Size:  328  KB
Platform:  Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000

Program type:  Demo
Cost: $5.00
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Requirements:  Win9x, NT. POP3 and SMTP account.

Developer: ZeroMassEngine
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