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Do you like playing cards? What about gambling in a Blackjack hand? Then try playing the classic card game LSL Blackjack from Lakshmi Solutions LLC. LSL Blackjack is the simple card game that follows most of the rules of the Nevada Casinos (double down, split pairs, 1 deck cards, etc). It is just you and the house playing. To get started just select your dealer (either Steve, Sandy or Tommy), define your bet, and start playing. If the house is getting too lucky then change to another table by selecting a different dealer, or changing the ambiance of the game. You may want to hear comments from the dealer to make the game more fun or simply turn off this feature and just play cards. The Game contains Help features instructing the novice player on the Basic Rules of the Game, how to select your card dealer, how to configure the game, and how to bet money. Do not waste your time and start playing LSL Blackjack by Lakshmi Solutions LLC.

Version:  3.1
Release Date:  11/08/2008
Size:  133  KB
Platform:  Palm OS 4.0,Palm OS 4.1,Palm OS 5.0,Palm OS 6.0

Program type:  Commercial
Cost: $5.95
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Requirements:  650KB of free space

Developer: Lakshmi Solutions LLC
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