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Akenaten, Pharaoh of Egypt, was married to the beautiful Nefertiti, and followed on the throne by Tutankhamun. Four years into his reign Akhenaten overthrew the old religious order of Egypt in favor of one god, Aten the sun god. He moved the center of government from Thebes to Akhetaten (Horizon of the Aten), a fabulous new city that he built in the desert as a center for the worship of Aten. For these actions, he was known as the "heretic" king. After his death, the old religious order was re-established, and his image was erased from almost every monument in Egypt. Only a few statues and drawings remain. Now you can enjoy a 3D reconstruction of Akhenaten in this screensaver. Listen to the thematic default music or add your own Wav, Midi, or MP3 sound file to ehance this unique 3D screensaver.

Version:  1.0
Release Date:  08/03/2005
Size:  1300  KB
Platform:  Win95, Win98, Win Me, Win NT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP

Program type:  Time-limited trial
Cost: $11
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Requirements:  Pentium 200, 3D graphic card with 4 MB, DirectX 6

Developer: Pixel Paradox
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