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The Html Encryptor can quickly and effectively encrypt your entire website or just one page. Create backups as you encrypt and preserve your precious Meta Tags! Keep others from viewing your source code! Prevent printing, offline viewing, caching, disable right clicking, text selection, hide your links, and you can even choose what you want it to say in the status bar! Make your site only accessible from a referrer. This is the best HTML Encryptor...BAR NONE!! Are you tired of helplessly watching others steal your website html and graphics? Don't let it happen to you again! While some "other" encryption software simply scramble the source code, SoftwarePak's Html - Encryptor completely "locks down" your web pages! - Easy to use software! Push a few buttons and your done! - SoftwarePak's Html Encryptor allows you to create backups as you encrypt (preserve your precious Meta Tags!). - Prevent printing, offline viewing, caching, right clicking, text selection, and more! Hide your links and even choose what you want it to say in the status bar! - Batch Encryption. You can encrypt your entire web site with only one click! Encrypt as many folders or files - with just one click.

Release Date:  11/22/2005
Size:  215  KB
Platform:  WinXP

Program type:  Commercial
Cost: $34.97
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Requirements:  Regular

Developer: SoftwarePak
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