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  Orneta Biorhythm for Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC 1.0.0  Click this icon to download
Orneta Biorhythm for Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC 1.0.0  or just click on the name of the file

Screenshot of Orneta Biorhythm for Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC

Orneta Biorhythm provides a simple and easy way to track your daily emotional, intellectual and physical states from a Windows Mobile 5.0 based Pocket PC. Everything that happens in nature is cyclic. Biorhythm Theory states that each person is influenced by three biological cycles, physical, emotional and intellectual, which begin at birth and continue throughout our lives. To compute a person's biorhythm for a given day, all you need is their date of birth plus the correct mathematical calculations. We are influenced by the changing of the seasons, the lunar tides, day and night, etc. Even the human body is influenced by these factors, which are known as biorhythms. With Orneta Biorhythm you can now draw biorhythms in your MS Smartphone! Orneta Biorhythm Features Analyze your emotional, intellectual and physical biorhythm readings Display only the reading you want, one two or all three Find out upcoming critical, zero, minimum and maximum cycles Compare your biorhythm to that of another individual

Version:  1.0.0
Release Date:  10/04/2005
Size:  187  KB
Platform:  Windows CE,Pocket PC

Program type:  Shareware
Cost: $4.99
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Review: Click here

Requirements:  Windows Mobile 5.0

Developer: Orneta
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