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The Sun is the most prominent feature in our Solar System. It is the largest object and contains approximately 98% of the total solar system mass. One hundred and nine Earths would be required to fit across the Sun's disk, and its interior could hold over 1.3 million Earths. The Sun's outer visible layer is called the photosphere and has a temperature of 6,000'C (11,000'F). This layer has a mottled appearance due to the turbulent eruptions of energy at the surface??¦ Want to have a look now? Download this screensaver and see the dominant star of the Solar system in all of its cosmic beauty!

Version:  1.0
Release Date:  07/03/2006
Size:  3277  KB
Platform:  Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003

Program type:  Shareware
Cost: $14.95
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Requirements:  PII, 16MB video, Windows

Developer: Astro Gemini Software
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