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Astrology is getting more and more popular, and it is not by chance that most large websites have pages devoted to horoscopes, since such pages attract a lot of visitors to the website. Most people are not satisfied with just texts of sun-sign interpretations, but would like to touch upon the very foundations of astrology: building their own charts and interpreting personal horoscopes. We are proud to offer you the basis of any astrological project: on-line astrological chart drawing. Our service performs two most difficult operations, astrological calculations and high quality chart visualization. You can try our astrological service without registration! Simply copy one of HTML-code examples (please, see archive files CODE1.TXT and CODE2.TXT) and insert it to your webpage. Code examples are supplied with necessary explanations. The un-registered service will work on your website for 30 days. After this it will require FREE registration.

Version:  2.0
Release Date:  01/26/2004
Size:  5  KB
Platform:  Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP

Program type:  Freeware
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Developer: Urania's World
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